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So, I’m writing a book on geoprocessing with Python using open source libraries, and the early access version is available! I’m still kind of in shock. That it’s being sold, and that I’m writing it, both. I never thought of myself as a writer, and I still don’t, which is obvious from my apparent inability to blog. In fact, I really wanted my Master’s thesis to be the shortest one in the history of the department, but my committee didn’t go for that idea. Did you know that the landmark paper from Watson and Crick describing DNA was only a page long? Obviously, good things can come in short papers.

Anyway, the book came out of the class I’ve been teaching at Utah State University for several years now, although it will cover more material. The class is only half a semester long, so there isn’t time to cover everything. The course covers the basics of GDAL/OGR, NumPy, and the last year or two, a teeny bit of matplotlib. The book will talk about these in more depth and also introduce Fiona, Shapely, and pyproj.


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